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Marathon 2024

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With the country at war, accompanied by pain and suffering acutely present in Israeli society, it was hard to imagine running a Marathon campaign for Beit Daniella in 2024. With debate and hesitation, a mere month before the run, Beit Daniella got the confirmation from the Jerusalem Municipality that the Jerusalem Marathon would take place. Understanding the unique opportunity that marathon presents for our community, the connection to Beit Daniella, the energy it provides to our staff and volunteers, and ultimately the impact it makes for our organization, we decided to pursue this campaign with energy and enthusiasm. Parallel to running the marathon campaign, plans for opening a Southern branch of Beit Daniella began to actualize and it was clear that this would be an incredible opportunity to have our runners and donors connect and contribute to our vision of providing an unprecedented resource for mental health stability for teens affected by the tragic and horrific events of October 7th. 

And our community showed up big-time. With 170 runners, close to 600 donations resulting in 210,000 NIS towards our new endeavor, Beit Daniella raced towards our goals. With the amazing cooperation and passion of Beatie Deutsch, who with tenacity and perseverance encouraged her community of followers to give,we surpassed the goals we had set out.The Jerusalem weather on the morning of the run could not have been more perfect and the vibe at the Beit Daniella stand was full of optimism and hope. Hope for peaceful times, prayers for our hostages to return, comfort for the families and communities suffering, and ultimately conviction that mental health and resilience is more important than ever before. We are grateful and indebted for the love that we felt from supporters and runners from around the world.

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עמוד המרתון

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