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Marathon 2022


We got up to a dark, stormy, cold, pouring rain morning. Due to extreme weather conditions, gazebos for nonprofits were deemed dangerous by Jerusalem Municipality and canceled. The post-marathon fun of teams running for causes celebrating around a food-laden table at their gazebo was not meant to be…. 


Yet Beatie reminded us - the weather makes it more of an adventure and especially here in Israel, rain is always a blessing!   So we shivered and shook a bit, and then as we began to run, we warmed up… and sang in the rain! Oh so much to sing about. 


What moved us most was that for the first time, we had Beit Daniella students and alumni as part of our team!  From not being able to get up in the morning, to being in their room for months (sometimes years), Beit Daniella students and alumni actually ran a marathon. 

Now, that is Nachas.

מרתונים קודמים







עמוד המרתון_edited.jpg

עמוד המרתון

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