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Clinical Dietician

Sharon Pikar

Sharon holds a bachelor's degree in clinical nutrition from the Hebrew University and has graduated from phototherapy studies at the School of Multidisciplinary Art and Photography at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. In addition, Sharon has graduated from a training course for leading groups at the School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University as well as a training course for dietitians, nutrition and food inspectors of the Department of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health. Sharon previously worked at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, and for the past 20 years has been working as a dietitian consultant for boarding schools through the Association for the Advancement of Education and private bodies. She also works as a consultant dietician for the Ministry of Defense at the military specialist clinic of the Jerusalem Medical Center and at the Central Command. Sharon served as the local nutritionist of Mevaseret Tziyon, where she coordinated the field of nutrition and health for all age groups in the locality. At Beit Daniella, Sharon is responsible for the care of teens who struggle with eating disorders, guiding the staff while coordinating the field of nutrition and food for the program. In addition to her work at Beit Daniella, Sharon has a private clinic where she combines nutrition with the field of phototherapy.

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