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"At Beit Daniella, I got my daughter back"

G. Father of A. 2023

"Beit Daniella is the first place in my life where I feel like I belong and where I am accepted as I am"

D. 2021


Again I fight. Again I fight

Magnet is pulling me downwards

It is in the little things

Words of encouragement 

This time I am not alone

What a battle. God Almighty.  What a battle 

Between the pit and the water

At least there is a battle, at least there is water

Once there was only a pit

-Eviatar Banai


Quoted by A. at the 2023 graduation ceremony

A Mother's Story: What is Beit Daniella for Me

Letters of Endorsement


Letter from President of Israel


Letter from Professor Yoav Kohn, Director Youth Department, Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital


Letter from Dr. Rachel Bachner, President of the Israeli Association for Eating Disorders


Position Paper, Psychological Services, Ministry of Education- Jerusalem District

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