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Marathon 2018


Just 6 weeks before Marathon Day, In a show of spontaneous community support and initiative, friends of Daniella z’l and her sisters joined together with friends and family to run in the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday, March 9thTo our delight, 135 runners signed up!


At Pasta Night the night before the Marathon, Hadassa Pardes poignantly shared her deep personal motivation to create what did not exist for Daniella embracing and healing so many other young people currently struggling with emotional issues. Ofer Biton, Daniella’s dog therapist, shared his experience working with Daniella touching on what makes animal-assisted therapy so effective and Sarah Malka Eisen updated the crowd on our practical progress in bringing Beit Daniella from vision to reality.


The most exciting news:

Our lead runner - Daniella’s cousin Beatie Deutsch, a mother of 5 young children, took first place in the Women’s Category, running 42K in 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 48 seconds!

This was Beatie’s 3rd Marathon, and first time in the particularly challenging hilly, Jerusalem course. " Daniella’s memory and the prospect of creating Beit Daniella-a haven for other teens suffering as she did- inspired me to run my fastest ever!"

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עמוד המרתון

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