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Beit Daniella

In Memory of Daniella Pardes

Rehabilitative Day Center for Youth

Empower.  Rehabilitate.  Integrate

Our Story

Daniella Pardes was a fun-loving, spunky child until anorexia hijacked her at the age of 13. After a three month hospitalization, Daniella tried to return to her school and to the friends whom she loved, but she did not succeed in reintegrating.Her mother Hadassa, searched for a therapeutic program which would absorb, protect and mainstream her back into her world. Unfortunately, she never found one suitable to her needs. 5 months later, on December 11, 2017 at the tender age of 14, Daniella took her own life. 


Beit Daniella is designed to provide for other teens who are suffering like her, what Daniella was missing- a rehabilitative stepping stone combining schooling, a wide range of therapies, and functional responsibility.

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What is Beit Daniella?

A supportive and potentially life-saving recovery day center for youth who are struggling with mental health issues, Beit Daniella is a short term (4 to 6 month) program that provides youth with vital skills to transition back into their families, schools and communities.


Situated in a natural setting with an emphasis on animal-assisted therapy, Beit Daniella aims to help youth to build on their strengths, to develop resilience, to learn to better regulate their emotional states , to take responsibility and to develop functional skills for a life worth living. Appreciating that parents are the primary caretakers of their child , Beit Daniella also provides parents with skills and support to help themselves and their child to cope with his/her challenges.  


Beit Daniella is a pilot program located in a pastoral horse stables in Tzur Hadassah that has received recognition from the Ministry of Health as the first and only community-based, mental health day  treatment center for youth.  Our long term vision is to open up Beit Daniellas across the country to fill a major gap in youth mental health services in Israel to treat the growing numbers of teens suffering with mental health conditions. 

Who attends Beit Daniella?

 Beit Daniella serves non-denominational youth between the ages of 13 to 18 (Grades 8 -12) who are struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, OCD, post trauma, borderline personality disorder and eating disorders. Beit Daniella’s teens are either post-hospitalization are they are at home, not functioning, not attending school and in danger due to their mental health conditions.  Beit Daniella is not suited for youth in acute states who require hospitalization and/or constant supervision. 

Our Location

Beit Daniella is located in Havat Harei Yehuda Horse Stables in the picturesque Judean Hills.  This beautiful natural setting is an ideal setting for emotional healing. The Harei Yehuda riding stable is located in Tsur Hadassah, about 15 minutes by car from Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Gush Etzion. The stable is situated at the edge of the Sansan nature reserve and is close to many of attractive hiking and riding trails in the Judean mountains, including the Begin park, Nahal Katlav, Ein Kobi, Ein Mata, Wadi Fukhin and the Soreq stalactite caves. 

More About Us

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Our Partners

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