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Marathon 2023

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160 Beit Daniella runners -students, parents, alumni, staff, community -ran proudly with moods as bright as their yellow t shirts  raising 347,756 NIS.  Beatie Deustch did us proud once again, coming in second amongst the women, first amongst the Israelis  in the half-marathon, with a time of 1:22!! No less great a feat was her surpassing her own fundraising goal of 118,000, to raise 131,000… and counting.  IS SHE  A SUPER-CHAMPION OR WHAT??


Overheard: A simple conversation between community members that explains the motivation and effort that the runners and the organizers invested in this campaign. The conversation was between parents who ran, and Hadassa and Sarah Malka. They were  speaking about their daughter, who attended Beit Daniella last year, and is now thriving at school and in her community and incidentally ran 10k with us this year. They were not big talkers.  They just said one line, earnestly.  First the mother, then the father, and then both repeated again.  Simply. “Beit Daniella saved her life.”

The Pasta party, a tradition amongst marathon runners to meet the evening before the marathon for a carb-filled meet, was an ideal opportunity to connect our runners to why and what they are running for, as well as to thank our amazing runner-fundraisers with prizes. 


In first place was Shifra Pomson at 11,793. (No, we don’t even count Beatie). Shifra volunteered for 2 years tutoring students at Beit Daniella. Seeing with her own eyes the changes in the trajectory of her student's lives, she campaigned fiercely, roping in every Pomson affiliate across the globe!!  Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree: her superstar Mom Tanya, ran the 10k in 52 minutes, coming in first in her age category and 10th overall!! Beit Daniella is SO PROUD OF THE POMSON FamFAMILY!


Thanks to Chef Anthony from Anthony’s Pizza for fueling our runners with the best of Italian pasta. No wonder they got so far!

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עמוד המרתון

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