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Alumni Program

As an additional service in the continuum of care, Beit Daniella’s weekly alumni program is designed to ease the transition from the close care that students receive at Beit Daniella to the independence of normative community life.

The weekly afternoon program consists of a support group, dog therapy, and a meal prepared and eaten together. This affords alumni with a sense of community in which they can safely share experiences from school and the challenges that they face socially and emotionally.
It also provides them with an opportunity to identify what they need in order to succeed in the coming week. With the assistance of the group leader, they define individual goals for the coming week.

Teens join the group a month before they leave Beit Daniella and participate on average 4 to 6 months after they leave. Although we don’t impose any cut off time, as the graduates become more integrated within normative life, they feel the group is less relevant and naturally stop feeling the need to attend.

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